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How long does production time take?

Following the design stage, the manufacturing stage takes 10 to 12 working days. Fast huh?

Anthrax products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. The fabrics used are specially designed for sports activities. They allow the body to breathe while simultaneously absorbing humidity and directing it to the atmosphere. 


In Anthrax, we take great pride in our quick production and delivery times. The design process takes between 10 working days. After the design is finalized the manufacturing process begins that takes another 12 working days. After quality inspection, the products are ready to ship to every part of the world. We ship our products through DHL express delivery. This service will reach everywhere in the world within 3 to 4 days, while it needs only 1 day to reach major European cities. For a more economical solution, you can request shipping by international post. Will take a bit longer but will be lighter on your wallet!

Notice on peak months: Between February and May there is a great increase in demand for paintball jerseys around the world. Due to this seasonal factor, production times during these months may be extended. Always ask your sales rep for the current production time before placing your order. If you have a deadline to meet, it's best to schedule your jersey order well in advance!


In case you are in a great hurry you can request an express delivery. In express delivery, we will try and get the whole process done for you within or less than 10 working days. This comes at no extra cost for you but it depends on our production schedule. So if you need it just ask for it!